The Most Charming Skirt Under $20

Those of you who follow me on Instagram may recall this darling outfit from Thanksgiving. I spent the holiday in New Orleans, where the temperatures were much more tolerable, and I was ecstatic because that meant one more week of wearing my favorite fall outfits! I know it's December now, and this may no longer be the most practical thing to wear depending on where you live. But, I absolutely love it because it's so comfortable and feminine. Plus, my skirt is less than $20, so if I were you, I'd grab it now! 

Everyone talks about how important it is to have a comfortable and stretchy outfit during Thanksgiving, but I think the importance of those qualities carries over into everyday clothing, too. Ordering from Forever 21, I didn't have the highest expectations, but I was honestly impressed to see how soft and well-made this skirt was. It's super flowy – making it fun to walk around in – and it has pockets and an elastic waistband, too. Forever 21 is my favorite retailer to shop at when I'm wanting to try new styles, like a knee-length skirt in this case, simply because everything is so affordable, and I sometimes get lucky with a gem like this! 

Like I said, I love being comfortable in my clothing, so I paired the skirt with a knit top and my favorite little oxford shoes. I actually bought these shoes from ASOS seven years ago through their marketplace. I was obsessed with them but didn't end up wearing them until last year because I didn't think I could pull them off. So silly, I know! Now they are my favorite pair of shoes. They add a nice feminine touch without the added height of a typical bootie this time of year. I linked a similar pair above, but I'm sure you could find more pairs like them on Modcloth or Etsy

I hope everyone who is still in school isn't feeling too stressed by finals right now! It's dead week at K-State, and thankfully, with my major, I never have many exams. Instead, I have projects and papers that are typically due the week before, which is what I have been busy doing since getting back from Thanksgiving break. It's wild to think this semester is almost over, though. The year always seems to go by so quick, but I feel like the past few months were especially speedy! 

Photos by Parrish Tenley

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