Pink Striped Peplum

Today is the best! ...said no one ever the day before a psychology exam. Just kidding! While I'm definitely not looking forward to studying for my exam, Grey's Anatomy is on tonight, and that automatically makes Thursdays the best day of the week! Also, it's another pretty spring day, which gives me an excuse to break out allllll the pink – like this striped peplum top! The shape is so flattering and feminine, and the linen-like material makes it absolutely perfect for warmer weather. I bought this top from a boutique in New Orleans last spring, but Madewell has a very similar style out right now that I'm sure y'all will love, too! 

4 Easy Ways to Stay Up-To-Date on the News

I'm naturally a curious person, and I will not hesitate to fact check anything that comes out of someone's mouth (my teenage sister can probably vouch for how annoying it gets sometimes haha!) But gosh, I'm a print journalism major, and even I can't remember the last time I opened a physical newspaper. Maybe it's just part of getting older or the current social climate, but at one point, I felt like my Facebook feed and Google were no longer cutting it, which is when I made the intentional decision to become more well-informed on what's going on in the world on a daily basis. Thankfully, the digital landscape has made it easier than ever, and today, I want to share with y'all the four tools I've found to be both the most convenient and educational! 

Weekly Favorites

Happy Saturday, y'all! This week has been one of little sleep for me. I started my 6-week class on Monday, and I'm not sure how I feel about having 8 a.m. classes every day of the week now... I even had to wake up early this morning, too, and I'm fighting every urge in me to take a nap right now! Also, I'm not sure how many of you watch This Is Us, but I finally watched the season three finale this morning, and it left my heart in shreds! I always forget how much I love this show, and now I literally cannot wait until season four in September. This may be a little dramatic, but I'm convinced that waiting for the next season of a show has to be one of the agonizing things we endure. But, enough of that, let's get into my weekly favorites now! 

Green Gingham

Hey y'all! This week has felt like a long one, so wow, does it feel nice to say that it's Thursday! The only thing that was keeping me upbeat was the beautiful spring weather – 80 degrees is my sweet spot – which also gave me the chance to shoot one of my easiest, go-to spring outfits! I definitely stole this top from my sister (sorry not sorry), but just like florals, I think gingham is a classic spring pattern that can take on a darling look when paired with just the right accessories. 

Weekly Favorites

Hey y'all! Happy Saturday! I know I usually share my weekly favorites on Fridays, but if you saw my Instagram post yesterday, you would know that I took a much-needed nap after staying up super late Thursday night to finish an assignment for class. Then, once I woke up, I spent the rest of my day binge watching The Voice. All in all, it was a good start to my weekend haha! Today, though, I want to share with y'all all the adorable spring new arrivals I've come across this week. I'm all about the colorful sundresses and shoes! Plus, if you haven't seen the new preview for The Bachelorette, I linked it down below because I think it's one of the greatest things I've ever seen the franchise push out!

6 Podcasts to Try This Spring

Let me just start this off by saying that in class I am the absolute worst at sitting and listening to audio. If there isn't a visual to go along with whatever is being said, my ears instantly turn off, so naturally, I assumed that I would hate podcasts. Boy was I wrong! Up until three months ago, I refused to even give them a try, but now podcasts are something I listen to on a regular basis. Whether I'm driving to class, putting away dishes or playing on the floor with my cat, I've found podcasts to be such an entertaining form of background noise. So, with the start of spring, I thought today would be the perfect time to share all of my favorites! 

Friday Favorites

Spending a couple days in Florida was much needed last week, but honestly, I can't complain about the weather in Kansas right now. It was so warm and sunny outside today that after I got done with class I decided to take my cat Aspen for a walk in her new stroller! She definitely did not like it at first, but once we got away from the busy streets, she started to calm down and looked so cute as she watched the birds and the outside world around her! I know most people don't take their cats out for walks, but I think it's fun, relaxing and absolutely hilarious! Now that Aspen and I are both tuckered out, though, I want to share with y'all my Friday favorites. Spring new arrivals are coming in full force, and it's looking like I'm on a home decor kick again! 

Springtime Scarf

Y'all, the sun has been shining this week, and your girl could not be happier! I don't like cold weather to begin with, so it was so nice to come home from spring break and see that Kansas' weather was on somewhat of the same page as me. With spring well on its way, I thought I'd share with y'all this cozy transitional look. The mornings can still be awful chilly, so layers are vital this time of year. But, we can still start incorporating a few lighter colors that are fitting for the season!

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday y'all! I'm so excited to start enjoying the weekend now that my first exam of the semester is over! I had a psychology exam this morning, and I wish I could say I was being dramatic when I was massaging my hand after class haha! Nearly all of my exams have been online since being in college, so my poor hand was just not physically prepared. Now that that's all over with, though, I'm sharing with y'all all my weekly favorites including a few spring new arrivals, some darling items on sale and the Pixar video that literally made my jaw drop because it's so heart-wrenching!

5 Things My Best Friend Taught Me

Today, I thought I'd mix things up because honestly, I think everyone should have a friend like Nicole! We went to high school together (more about that here), became inseparable in college and were even roommates for a semester. She's been my photographer for a number of blog posts, and most recently, she asked me to be one of her bridesmaids! Over the past three and a half years, we've been through a lot together – navigating sorority life, crushing on boys and managing classes because I may have picked her major?? Through it all, I've been so thankful to have her by my side. She is the best friend I could have asked for, and she's taught me so much along way! Friendships are so powerful and shape who we are, so, for those of you who may not have the chance to meet her, I'm sharing five of the most impactful things she's shown me through our's!

Start Shopping for Spring Early

Stores are just starting to release their spring collections, so for those of you who may have spring break coming up or want to get a head start on updating your closet, I'm sharing some of my favorite pieces along with trends to look out for. Golden yellow is definitely shaping up to be the color of the season, and it's look like hair accessories are here for another year. Also, I've had my eye out for swimwear, but so far, I'm not impressed. Maybe as the season progresses the selection will get better, and I'll do a separate blog post then! I'm excited for stores to get fully into the spring spirit, but for now, here are some trends I'm anticipating, along with a few spring pieces that are available and under $100 today! 

Friday Favorites

Y'all, I can't believe how quickly the weather changed again this week. It was a beautiful 50 degrees on Wednesday and Thursday, and then this morning I woke up to several inches of snow! Can it just be spring already?! I hope everyone enjoyed the weather while it lasted and had a wonderful Valentine's Day, though! Last night my boyfriend and I got Panda Express, watched The Office and ended the night with Hershey sundae pies; it was such a fun and enjoyable night in. Now today, I'm avoiding the outside world at all costs and sharing with y'all a few spring new arrivals in hopes of warmer weather as well as some YouTube videos that brought a smile to my face this week!

Feeling 22

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22!! Shoutout to Taylor Swift for forever making 22 a milestone year; I feel like I've been waiting forever to take advantage of this moment haha! I'm going to keep things short and sweet today, but instead of a typical fashion or lifestyle post, I thought I'd give y'all the opportunity to get to know me a little better. So, today I'm sharing 22 fun facts about myself that some of you may or may not already know, but honestly, I'd be surprised if anyone knew all of these because my little idiosyncrasies are incredibly numerous! 

Cozy on Campus + Sherpa Jacket

When it comes to getting dressed to go to class on campus I always want to look put together, but at the same time, I refuse to sacrifice my comfort for it. Honestly, nothing sounds worse to me than walking across campus in anything besides running shoes and leggings. I'd go as far as to compare it to cruel and unusual torture, actually. So, today, I'm sharing with y'all one of my go-to winter outfits comprised of all my essentials plus the coziest sherpa jacket! I've also started going to barre between my classes, so playing around with versatile outfits like this one has been a favorite of my lately!  

Friday Favorites

Hey y'all! Happy Friday! Today has been off to the weirdest start for me. First of all, I had the strangest dream last night about getting caught in a tornado and then living in a helicopter with my cat for 10 years... like what??? Then, I was getting ready to shoot pictures for a post for next week, and my hair was just not cooperating. It wouldn't hold a curl whatsoever, and one side looked like my hair belonged on a scarecrow! I may be exaggerating, but you get the idea haha! Hopefully once I get done with class, I can just shower and try to continue the rest of my day feeling fresh. Before I go too far into weekend mode though, I want to share with y'all my Friday favorites!

Comfy + Casual Valentine's Day Outfit

We're officially one week away from Valentine's Day, and with the weather right now, let me just say my mindset is as far away from pretty dresses and basically anything that isn't a cozy oversized sweater haha! Last night, my roommate Rachel and I were chilling in our living room when it suddenly started thundering, snowing and icing all at once. It was so wild! So, with the chilly weather expected to stay and for those of you who may have more casual plans next Thursday, I want to share with y'all this super cozy and casual outfit that is totally appropriate and equally feminine for Valentine's Day! 

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

I know Valentine's Day isn't really anyone's favorite holiday, but I think it's all what you make of it! I personally enjoy everything the day brings – mainly chocolate and more chocolate in my case – and for the past two years, I even got a little thrill in seeing other girls get flowers delivered to them at my sorority house! By the way, shoutout to my mom for always sending me flowers and making sure I didn't feel left out when I was #single haha! Anyways, I always love browsing through the Valentine's gift sections – I have a weak spot for anything pink – and I thought I'd share with y'all some of my favorites this year!

Friday Favorites

Hey y'all! Happy February! The first month of 2019 is officially over, and I can't even imagine a better start to this month/weekend than the break in cold weather we're getting right now! If you're not from Kansas, it's been well below freezing all week, but right now it's almost 60 degrees outside – talk about an instant mood booster! Today I have a full list of Friday favorites for y'all, with things falling into every category for the first time in quite a while. So, I hope y'all enjoy it and, afterwards, before sure to soak up the beautiful weather before it goes away again!

Winter Book Reviews

My favorite part about breaks has always been the plentiful amount of time I have to curl up with a good book! Reading is my absolute favorite thing to do when I have a significant amount of free time, and this winter break I decided to knock out a few that have been on my reading list recently. Most of these books were written by authors I'm a die-hard fan of, but I also snagged Michelle Obama's memoir, which I blew through in a matter of a couple days because I couldn't set it down! So, without further ado, let's get into my honest thoughts about the books I've read this winter. 

Tips for Practicing Patience + $100 Giveaway

Hey y'all! Boy oh boy has this post been a long time in the making... I don't think I'm alone in believing patience a tricky trait to possess, and as some of you may know, I'm now going on three years' worth of goals and resolutions revolving around this topic! I have an incredibly futuristic – and sometimes stubborn – mindset leading to patience being something I struggled with (and honestly, sometimes still do), but I'm super excited to share with y'all an update and some tips alongside one of my favorite Midwestern brands! 

Side note: I was having a hard time choosing which photo to put first, so I put the one with the peace signs as a placeholder. Honestly though, I'm kind of digging it now, and I think I'm just going to roll with it because it's a true embodiment of my mood as of late haha!  

Friday Favorites

Hey y'all! Happy Friday! I'm currently writing this between my two classes today. This is super random, but does anyone else have issues taking their professor seriously if they don't use commas correctly in their presentations?? It's probably just a me problem, but gosh does it bother me haha! Anyways, now that that's off my chest, I'm very excited to share with y'all my favorites from this week. Stores are slowly starting to introduce some of their spring pieces, which has made me dream of warmer weather every day. Plus, there were several blog posts I read this week that I'm sure y'all will love, too!

My 2019 Mantra

Hey y'all! I can't believe this is my first time on here for 2019! I just started my last semester at K-State on Tuesday, and gosh, is it surreal to think about graduating in May! This year, in lieu of creating a list of goals and New Year's resolutions, I decided to choose a phrase to live by. This has definitely been a trend in the blogging sphere, but honestly, I'm all about it. I originally got the idea of navigating away from a list of resolutions from one of my favorite bloggers Brighton Keller, and I think it's a great way to look at life more holistically!