Start Shopping for Spring Early

Stores are just starting to release their spring collections, so for those of you who may have spring break coming up or want to get a head start on updating your closet, I'm sharing some of my favorite pieces along with trends to look out for. Golden yellow is definitely shaping up to be the color of the season, and it's look like hair accessories are here for another year. Also, I've had my eye out for swimwear, but so far, I'm not impressed. Maybe as the season progresses the selection will get better, and I'll do a separate blog post then! I'm excited for stores to get fully into the spring spirit, but for now, here are some trends I'm anticipating, along with a few spring pieces that are available and under $100 today! 

Leopard Print 

Leopard is not typically a pattern I gravitate toward, but gosh, is it trendy this year! It's definitely bold, and because of that, I plan on incorporating it more in my accessories rather than major clothing pieces this season. I am loving the little hair scarves, and I think leopard print is the cutest pop of pattern for shoes any time of year. Also, going against what I said a second ago, if I were to wear a leopard print top, I would definitely go for this oversized sweater. It's muted, which makes it a little more understated and, in my opinion, even more fitting for early spring! 

Buttons on Everything

If I had to pick a favorite trend for spring, this would be it! I feel like everything coming out features oversized tortoiseshell buttons or some kind of button detailing. As a transitional piece, I've been obsessed with this cardigan. Whenever I want to layer up, it's the first thing I gravitate toward because it's so cozy. I may have worn it three times in a row last week... But how can I resist when everything about it – the buttons, sleeves, color – is so adorable! I've also been seeing a lot of people style cropped cardigans buttoned up with a bralette peeking out. It looks so cute, and I think it's the perfect comfy yet feminine look for spring.

Headbands and Hair Scarves

Hair scarves and headbands were a huge trend last year, and I don't see them going away any time soon. A bow or scarf is the perfect addition when you want to wear your hair up, and it instantly adds a hint of femininity, which I love. Lulu's has a great selection of super affordable ones right now, and this polka dot one is calling my name! Bows are easy to throw in your hair, but I like scarves, too, because you can also tie them around your neck or bag for a different look. Anthropologie's headbands are another favorite of mine at the moment because they create the same look as tying a scarf around your head, just without all the difficulty! 

Graphic Tees

Graphic tees are another piece that aren't typically my thing, but wow, does this indoorsy tee describe me perfectly haha! I've been seeing these styled all over Pinterest recently, and honestly, they're starting to grow on me. Whether they're tied up with a pair of denim shorts, paired with a skirt or layered underneath a denim jacket, they're a comfortable option that adds a bit of personality to any outfit! My favorites right now are from Luca + Grae and Free People, but I'm excited to see what other brands have in store this season, too. 

Hoops and Tassels

I feel like we're slowly starting to fade away from huge statement earrings and opting for slightly more understated options like hoops and muted-color tassel earrings. Currently, I'm on the hunt for the perfect pair of small hoops. I've seen so many girls wearing them on campus, and they can elevate any outfit. The girl next to me at barre class last week was wearing a pair, and honestly, I couldn't get over how cute they looked, even paired with leggings and a sweatshirt! I finally found this simple pair yesterday, but I've also had my eye on this ivy pair. Let me know what you think or if you have any other suggestions in the comments!

Floral Sundresses

I know floral dresses are so cliche for spring, but since they're a staple of mine this time of year, I couldn't help but share a few of them. Y'all probably know by now that I'm not extremely fond of wearing the color yellow, but this frilly dress is absolutely darling! I also mentioned this green one last week, and I still think the babydoll silhouette and buttons are so adorable. On another note, if you're planning to go to the beach for spring break, this leaf print dress would be so fitting – not to mention it has the square neckline that is super popular right now.

Warm Weather Shoes

Finally, when it comes to shoes, I have a feeling that wooden platforms and clogs are going to especially popular this year. For a fun pop of color (and height!!), these platforms would make the perfect statement when paired with a sundress. Also, so many of my favorite Instagrammers have been wearing this pair of clogs, and to be honest, it's only a matter of time before I cave and get a pair, too! If heels aren't your thing, though, Target is currently re-releasing a few of their most popular flats and sandals from last year as well. 

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