Friday Favorites

Spending a couple days in Florida was much needed last week, but honestly, I can't complain about the weather in Kansas right now. It was so warm and sunny outside today that after I got done with class I decided to take my cat Aspen for a walk in her new stroller! She definitely did not like it at first, but once we got away from the busy streets, she started to calm down and looked so cute as she watched the birds and the outside world around her! I know most people don't take their cats out for walks, but I think it's fun, relaxing and absolutely hilarious! Now that Aspen and I are both tuckered out, though, I want to share with y'all my Friday favorites. Spring new arrivals are coming in full force, and it's looking like I'm on a home decor kick again! 

Springtime Scarf

Y'all, the sun has been shining this week, and your girl could not be happier! I don't like cold weather to begin with, so it was so nice to come home from spring break and see that Kansas' weather was on somewhat of the same page as me. With spring well on its way, I thought I'd share with y'all this cozy transitional look. The mornings can still be awful chilly, so layers are vital this time of year. But, we can still start incorporating a few lighter colors that are fitting for the season!